Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hand To Mouth Habits In Babies

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Many warnings have been given in these pages about the dangers of catching diseases by putting things into mouths that do not belong there. Keeping the hands clean has been suggested as one of the best ways to protect health, and parents should impress this on their children at an early age.

One result of a bad habit that is often overlooked until it is too late is illustrated below. Sucking the thumb causes a constant pressure against the front of the jaw which gradually changes the shape of the soft bone. This starts the trouble long before the teeth appear. Aside from the chances of acquiring dirt and dangerous germs in this manner the distortion of the teeth may later affect the child's health by making difficult the proper chewing of food.
Tricks in All Trades

Resourceful mothers find many ways to keep babies' fingers out of their mouths. They are willing to interfere with this cute trick in order to benefit their children's future health and appearance. The plan that probably gives as good results as any is to fasten two or three little fingers together with a narrow strip of adhesive tape. The resulting bundle is too big to fit into a small mouth and the bad habit is quickly overcome. Finger-nail chewing comes later in life, being more popular with girls than boys. This has plenty of hygienic disadvantages and is a distressing operation to watch but, fortunately, causes no permanent disfigurement.

Parents will do a real favor to their children by taking whatever drastic action may be necessary to break up this habit surely and soon. It is not a sanitary or social asset to anyone.

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