Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Live-in Nanny Or Live-in AuPair Could Be The Solution Your Family Needs

The Nanny is so far my favourite tv program. the only comedy that can make me laugh and i love nanny Fine! She's so stylish and supportive. But i'm not going to talk about her, i want to talk about a live in nanny or AuPair. Read this!

Childcare is not only expensive but can be hard to come-by. Often, childcare centres have waiting lists, and you could find yourself limited to the days you can choose from, which could limit your work choices. There is an alternative to enrolling your children into a childcare facility that could not only be convenient for you, but could ensure you have childcare and babysitting whenever you need it, and give you some freedom back to live life how you want to. An Au pair or Nanny could be the solution for you and your family.
Taking on a live-in Nanny or live-in AuPair is a growing trend across the globe, and where once upon a time, only the wealthy could afford one, it is now a more commonplace scenario for less wealthy families. With the cost of childcare ever increasing, and with more and more families needing to put their children into childcare to be able to gain a second income, sometimes there is no real advantage to paying hundreds of dollars per week per child, just to earn a few more hundred dollars for the family. You expend more energy and take on more stress and the benefits are not always clear if you are not able to make a decent income once the childcare costs are factored in.

When you have a live-in Nanny or AuPair, the cost is greatly reduced as you provide accommodation and food for your Nanny, and in return they offer childcare and even home help whenever you need it. You could include duties such as laundry and cleaning in the job description, and find yourself with even more time to enjoy your life and your family.

There is a growing trend now, where families take on short term nannies or AuPairs, who are travelling and would like to stay in your city for a period of a few weeks to a few months. You can meet and connect with these nannies online, and make the arrangements you need to, before they even arrive. Perhaps you only need vacation care for the summer holidays, or would like someone to stay with your children while you go away on business. There are many scenarios where taking on a short term live in AuPair or Nanny could be beneficial to you and your family, without the cost of it breaking the bank.

By using an online facility to connect with someone who would like to come and stay with you, is not only a very cheap alternative to paying an expensive agency to find someone for you, but you meet these people yourself online, can converse with them and get to know them before making a decision about whether this person is right for your family dynamic. With many AuPairs to choose from, from all over the world, there has never been an easier way to find the right person for the job, and for your family.

Taking on a short or long term live-in Nanny or live-in AuPair could just be the solution you are looking for to meet your childcare needs without it costing you a fortune. Take the time to have a look online and be amazed with the difference it can make to your life!

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